Premium Account is a cloud storage platform with a difference. It offers users a safe place to upload, manage, and download files without requiring physical storage devices. Interested subscribers can join for free and start uploading and downloading files right away.

If you want to experience high-speed downloads without delays or timeouts, upgrading to an Upstore premium account is a practical option. Premium members have numerous perks, from parallel downloads to unlimited lifetime storage.

What is is a secure online file hosting provider that allows you to upload, download, store, access, rename, delete, and share files and documents with anyone online. The platform provides free and premium users the tools to manage their files from anywhere. You can access your files quickly and efficiently at any time without restrictions.

You can upload any file so long as it does not violate DMCA laws and the site’s terms of use. Accepted file types include photos, text documents, flash files, music, and videos remotely via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Prohibited files you cannot upload include copyrighted content, porn, and multimedia with violent scenes.

This platform has been around for over a decade, making it one of the most reliable file hosts. Besides, it employs various security mechanisms, such as 256-bit SSL encryption, password protection, and user control, ensuring account safety and data integrity.

Anyone can use this service without registering. However, free users and guests have numerous restrictions. For instance, guests cannot rename or delete their files until they sign up. Free users and guests can only download up to 6 GB every 24 hours. Besides, the maximum upload size is 2 GB. To avoid these restrictions and unlock other features, consider upgrading to premium.

Signing Up with Upstore

Upstore allows anyone to use their service for free as a guest without registering. You only need an internet connection to upload or download files via the Upstore online uploader. However, file management has several limitations for guests. You cannot rename, delete, or manage files unless you open an Upstore user account.

Using without an account

The good news is that signing up with Upstore is 100% free, and the file host accepts new subscribers globally. The site also has a premium version for paying members. Although your free account allows you to upload, download, and manage files, it has several limitations. For this reason, many users prefer to upgrade to premium.

Signing up is straightforward, thanks to its 1-click registration process. Click the sign-in link and enter your email address to create your free Upstore account. You can set up your password later from the member’s dashboard.

Since the free version has limited features, consider upgrading to Upstore premium. The process is equally straightforward. Click the upgrade to premium link and select your preferred membership plan.

Upstore Premium Membership

Here is a list of benefits available to premium subscribers:

Download SpeedSlowUnlimited
Daily Download Limit6 GB per 24 hours20 GB per 24 hours
File size per Download2 GB5 GB
Time to wait before download starts30 secsInstant Download
Parallel downloadsNo10 files
Download ManagerNoYes
Time of storage30 daysForever
  • High-Speed DownloadsUpstore offers fast download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. However, the maximum speed may depend on your ISP and other factors.
  • Parallel Downloads – Free account holders can only download one file per thread. In contrast, premium subscribers can download multiple files simultaneously without restrictions.
  • No Waiting Times – Unlike free members who must wait several minutes to download again, premium members have no waiting times. You can download multiple files instantly without delays.
  • No Captcha – You can start your downloads instantly without entering Captcha codes. Free members must enter a Captach code to start downloading.
  • 1-Click Download – You can download one or more files from the host server with one click. Free subscribers have to wait for their turn.
  • No Download Timeout – Download links often expire after a specified period. However, Upstore premium has no download timeouts, meaning your download link remains active.
  • 20 GB Downloads – Guests and free members can download up to 6 GB every 24 hours, while premium members enjoy up to 20 GB every 24 hours.
  • 5 GB Uploads – The maximum file upload size for free members and guests is 2 GB, while that for premium members is 5 GB. Besides, you can add up to 10 files for simultaneous uploads.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Storage – Unlike free membership, where one can only store files on the Upstore server for 90 days, premium members enjoy unlimited lifetime storage.
  • Seamless Age Verification – When opening an account, new members must verify their age. Age confirmation for premium members happens when making payment, with no additional verification required.
  • Download Accelerator SupportUpstore premium supports various download accelerators for faster and more seamless downloads.
  • Multiple Account Packages – Upstore premium has up to four affordable price plans. You can pay for one, three, six, or twelve months depending on your budget. premium features

How Much Does Upstore Cost? has four membership plans for premium users. Depending on your budget and file hosting needs, you can pay for one, three, six, or twelve months. All price offerings are reasonable and provide good value for money.

Here is a breakdown of Upstore premium membership plans:

1 Month3 Months6 Months12 Months

Upstore premium accepts several payment options for your convenience. You can purchase a premium plan using credit cards, Web Money, Alipay, cryptocurrency, and bank transfer. All payments are secure to protect your financial information. Moreover, you can easily manage your subscription and monitor your transactions from your dashboard. payment methods

Upstore User Experience and Test has a simple user interface, making it navigable and easy to use. After a series of tests, we confirmed that premium users enjoy high-speed download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for a smooth and seamless experience. Besides, you don’t have to wait to start your downloads. If you have issues with upload speeds, you need to check your location and internet connection.

Making Money with has a referral program that allows you to make money on the side. You only need to join the affiliate program to start earning. Upstore will pay you a 50% commission whenever a new member purchases a premium account through your affiliate link. You will also receive the same 50% if the same member uses your referral link to renew their premium account. affiliate

Our Verdict on is one of the most reliable file hosts. It offers several ways to store, manage, and share files without requiring physical storage devices. You can upload or download files remotely for extra convenience. The best part is that it has an affiliate program that allows you to make money on the side.